[WSO] – Azon Attention Grabber

Discover The 1 Simple Tweak That Can Turn ANY of Your Websites into Amazon-Crushing SAMURAIS…
How You Can Increase Your Conversions by 300% AND Turn Your Exit Traffic into Cold Hard CASH…
And The Plugin That Lets You Do all This in Just a Few Clicks of Your Mouse

Azon Attention Grabber is kick-ass Amazon WordPress Plugin grabs the attention of your prospects and diverts it to your Amazon offer – Guaranteed

It creates a popover box over your website and is triggered in 2 ways:
1. Timer Setting – You can set how long after the prospect has been on the site Azon Attention Grabber. We recommend setting this to 30 seconds
2. Exit Setting – Just before the prospect is about to exit your site and leave your life forever, the plugin detects this and appears

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