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How A New-Zealand Dwelling About.Com Publisher Discovered The Secrets To Write 2 Amazon Kindle Bestsellers In Less Than 3 Days… In A Row. And How You Too Can Build Your Very Own Kick-Ass Information Empire, Almost Overnight, Even If Your Last Attempt At Writing Something Was A Failed English 5th Grade Assignment.

Inside Content Creation Blaster, you’ll discover:

1. My proven powerful 5 step system for creating your own best-selling ebooks in as little as a day, so that you can get your own products out by tomorrow
2. A 4-minute technique I personally use to find the hungriest buyers and lowest competition so that you can cash in on profitable niches instantly
3. The secrets to producing a great ebook, even if you are not a proficient writer or have no idea what to write about
4. My tested recipe for formatting your ebook: the exact chapters you need in a fill-in-the-blanks editable Word document (this alone will save you hours)
5. My deceivingly simple yet amazingly powerful tricks to write in 30 minutes what it takes others not “in the know” 3-4 hours to write
and much more…

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