In As Little As 17 Seconds You Can: Make An Exact Duplicate Of Your Blog, Move Or Backup Any Of Your Existing WordPress Blogs, Or Make A Quick $100-$300.

Take a look at what this powerful new WordPress Plugin Can and will do for you.

It WILL Clone Your Blog With The Push of a Button
It WILL Install an Exact Copy of Your WordPress Blog to Any cPanel Powered Domain.
It WILL Install AND Activate Your Theme on Your New Blog
It WILL Install AND Activate ALL of Your Plugins on Your New Blog
It WILL Edit and Activate Your Permalink Structure, For You.
It WILL Copy, Edit, and Activate EVERY Setting Exactly as it Exists on the Blog You Are Cloning.
It WILL Copy ALL of Your Blog Content to Your New Blog.
It WILL Do All That And So Much More….

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