[WSO] – Offline Blueprint 2.0

Why are even the most experienced offline marketers terrified of their clients calling, this 18 year old kid who consistently pulls in multiple $397 checks for ranking their Google Plus pages so they appear in the ‘suggested search box’ before a search is even done.

Here’s Just A Glimpse Of What I Reveal:

1. Instantly rank your clients page above normal results in the ‘Suggested Search’ box – Be the first to offer ‘Google Direct Connect’ to instantly rank your clients Google Plus page before other search results… They show up before the search button is pressed!

2. Find the top traffic sources in real-time with Google’s ‘Social Analytics’ (Google Analytics on steroids) – Instantly see where your best converting traffic is coming from and optimize the page quickly to draw more traffic in

3. How to use ‘viral coupon incentives’ to share your content – Google Ripples reveals which followers give you the most exposure when they share your posts, use this simple coupon method to make them share again and again…

4. The ‘Circle Thief Coupon’ method I use to steal customers – Why adding your competitors business into your pages circles can help steal their customers with simple coupons.

5. The ‘Mistaken Facebook Email’ that I send to customers to knock them off the fence (Closes 90% of businesses owners I couldn’t close over the phone)

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