[DP] – Reverse Niche Selection

My Actual Trade Secrets, Revealed:

• How to determine exactly how much money some sites are making, in a variety of markets

• How to ethically leverage other people’s previous hard work for immediate profits. Never before has it been so easy to literally just “mimic” your way to success with virtually no effort or risk…

• The 2 types of markets where substantial profits exist. And this has nothing to do with only targeting desperate buyers…

• How to determine exactly WHY a site is succeeding, and how you can instantly “steal” those factors and use them immediately yourself – legally!

• How to instantly “swipe” someone’s entire marketing strategy and simply duplicate it yourself

And more…

This method is directly responsible for the difference between making $536.97 from a valiant, noble effort in 2010, and $127,037.29 from really just a slap-stick, thrown-together effort (in the right place, mind you) in 2011.

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