[WSO] – Yelp Filter Loophole

Who else wants to easily add $4,000 per month to their bottom line by helping local clients dominate Yelp?

Discover a simple way to collect checks from local brick and mortar businesses by improving their Yelp page.

Here’s what you’ll discover…

1. The exact blueprint I used to knock off negative reviews from the first page of my client’s Yelp page and replace them with gleaming 5 star reviews
2. A sneaky (and 100% ethical) way to get raving 5 star reviews for your clients from reputable Elite Yelpers. This is the ultimate way to get real, enthusiastic Yelp reviews for your clients… that took me over 2 months of hard work and trial and error to finally crack.
3. How to get your clients to pay you big chunks of money for your work… I’m talking about hundreds to thousands of dollars per positive Yelp review that you’ll bring in.
And… much more

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