[WSO] – Google+ Storm

Google Fights Facebook To Send YOU Server Melting Hyper Targeted Traffic!!! Stupid Giants…

Let The Billion-Dollar Corporate Fight To Make You Rich…

How this plugin can help you:

1. Make your +1 buttons stand out by giving you an option to add a custom button. Yes, add any button that you like. It’s as simple as 1-2-3 to get your own custom buttons as +1 buttons.

2. Make your +1 Button stand out by having a big button with text adjacent to it to grab the eyeballs of the readers by its pupil…

3. Reward them for doing a +1 on your page. After they +1, they can be redirected to any URL at all. You decide what reward you want to give them in return of a Google +1.

4. Insert the Google +1 inside the posts using a shortcode. This is extremely helpful since you can tell them what to do when they are the most in the zone.

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