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Frank Kern – Rainmaker Certification

Rainmaker School is a 12 week certification program that teaches you how to create money for businesses …whether you want to do it in your own business or as a “hired gun.”

Learn to:
Find and deploy immediate “tweaks” the business so that each customer spends more money.
Find and get hidden money that’s been “forgotten” because of shiny object syndrome and distractions.
You’re getting frameworks and templates for outbound marketing campaigns you can deploy to a list or audience now and start seeing sales.
You’re getting my own personal arsenal …all organized perfectly so its easy to use and deploy.
You literally look over my shoulder as I build winning campaigns from scratch. Plus you’ll see how to stop “bad ads” in their tracks so you don’t lose money.

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OGAds Youtube CPA Marketing Course

Create proof video for CPA, how to choose niche, how to rank video on Youtube and make money with Ogads.
I would like to present a course that describes the topics of creating video proof for CPA, which we upload to the Youtube network.
This is one of the methods of earning money, which consists of using YouTube as a traffic generator and content locker for making money.
Methods from the course can be used with advertising networks such as Ogads, CPABuild, and any ad network with a content locker ad unit.

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Notion Life Design Course

The Notion Life Design program provides training & support for real, deep, lasting life change. We massively leverage Notion, like few have ever seen. But also implement Systems Thinking, Habit formation & elimination, Mindset, Identity Sculpting, Flow States, Purpose + more.

We will discuss and explore how to modify, customize, and adapt to your needs and preferences. Nothing is written in stone, all is moldable.
Work through a recorded program on how to implement the systems and practices for success in life. This resource will grow and expand further over time, in the directions participants desire.

I see it as an Olympic-caliber training facility for productivity, self-discovery, knowledge management, and persistent progress toward goals, meaning, and purpose in life.

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eCommerce Email Marketing Customer Lifecycle

A step-by-step course that will show you how to set up highly engaging email automations that add 20% to your revenue.

Learn how to create engaging, vibrant copy for opt-in forms, emails for flows, surveys, and everything in between.
Work on the copy yourself or just pass our guidelines that break down what to include in each email along to a professional writer.
We’ll break down our basic email templates and walk you through some real life examples of how to adjust a single template to work for every email in a campaign.
We’ll give you a downloadable Klaviyo set up checklist to consult before implementing every flow and use detail-packed videos to show you how to turn your strategy, copy, and design into completed flows in Klaviyo.

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2 Million Followers and 6 Figures in 8 Months

TikTok is the greatest opportunity in the history of the internet.
You don’t want to miss this train.
Leverage this one in a lifetime opportunity called Tik Tok to change the course of their business, personal brand and become world class figures.

Defining your niche and then define your broader niche
How does the algorithm work? Make him a friend
Owning your keyword
Research and analyze the viral content
Everything about shooting within TikTok
How to run ads on Tik Tok
and much more

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