[WSO] – Shortcut to Squidoo Money

You will get the most out of this book if you already kind of know what you are doing at squidoo but you just can’t seem to sell anything.

Here’s a list of the chapters in the book:

Chapter 1: Why Squidoo? Not Just Because It’s Free 3
Chapter 2: The Money is All In the Sales 8
Chapter 3: You Don’t Make Money Quick at Squidoo, But you Do Make Money LONG 9
Chapter 4: What Kind of Lenses are Cheetah Lenses (fast-traffic lenses) 12
Chapter 5: Sharing is Caring? Nah, Trending is Friending! 17
Chapter 6: Keyword tools SUCK; Here’s what to Do Instead 21
Chapter 7: Ensure You Are Making The Highest Revenue Possible On Your Lenses 35
Chapter 8: Buying lenses? Who to buy GREAT ones from. 37
Chapter 9: Selling Lenses? Should you Consider it? 39
Chapter 10: How to get noticed by Google (and should you care about Bing?) 41
Chapter 11: Niche accounts (or fake names) Do you need them? (NO!) But here’s why you might want them anyway. 43
Chapter 12: Clickbank and your own products – How To Promote These Effectively at Squidoo 45
Chapter 13: Once Your Lens Is Rolling Along, Use This Simple Trick To Get MORE Traffic 48
Chapter 14: And Lastly, Why You Shouldn’t Listen to Anything I Say 49
Chapter 15: Action Steps 51

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