Remember the lessons you’ve struggled to learn and look for opportunities to put them into practice. Think of what made the good old days so good and bring those values to life in the present day.

Brand Voice Baller

Hear the sweet sound of clients raving: “Your copy sounds just like me”
The Brand Voice Baller is designed to get you results fast:

Book clients easier (and get repeat projects without having to ask)
Feel confident every damn time you share your Google Doc
Crank out copy that actually sounds like your clients and wins them results
Write copy that gets better results because the audience finally feels connected to your client’s personality

The Brand Voice Baller is for you if you are:

A newbie copywriter wanting to up your game.
A copywriter looking to add brand voice guides as a service.
Looking for a brand voice training that makes progress quickly.
A business owner who wants to sell more to the right-fit people.
An entrepreneur struggling with writing copy and wants to sound more like yourself.

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Scaling a Niche Site With SEO & AI

An unique deep-dive into growing a niche site from 0 to 50k visits/month in 12 months earning $2000/month.

  • Learn unique SEO strategies & AI-assisted content for scaling a niche site.
  • Save time and money by generating high-quality content without hiring a professional writer.
  • Add value to Google SERPs with unique perspectives and ideas.
  • Benefit from AI-assisted content’s creativity and uniqueness to engage users.
  • Master SEO strategies and tackle common SEO problems for niche sites.
  • Proper usage and keyword selection required for desired results
  • Editing and rephrasing necessary to avoid duplication
  • Adhere to Google guidelines and avoid low-value articles

This course equips you with unique SEO strategies and AI-assisted tools for scaling your niche site with quality content.

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