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The AI-Savvy Leader

Leadership by Algorithm by De Cremer guides executives on effectively integrating AI into business operations without diminishing the role of human workers.

De Cremer outlines nine principles for AI deployment, advocating for its use in automating routine tasks to boost employee creativity.
He emphasizes a human-centered approach, cautioning against AI misuse, which can lead to increased errors and turnover.
Practical advice includes prioritizing tasks by complexity and researching AI solutions accordingly.

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The AI-Savvy Leader ensures AI enhances creativity without replacing human ingenuity, navigating pitfalls of over-reliance on automation.

The Affluent Academy 3.0

An advanced training program led by Jordan Platten, designed to transform your sales skills and agency management.
Over eight weeks, you’ll master foundational principles, effective sales prospecting, and advanced client-closing techniques.

Jordan Platten, an entrepreneur with a track record of scaling businesses globally, guides you through real-life case studies and live sales calls, ensuring practical application of every lesson.

You can learn at your convenience and revisit materials whenever needed.
Whether you’re starting or scaling an agency, the Affluent Academy 3.0 provides the tools and confidence to achieve your business goals.

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This course is primarily for aspiring entrepreneurs and individuals looking to enhance their skills in digital marketing, sales, and agency management.

Documentary Storytelling and Scriptwriting

This course helps you transform raw footage and scattered ideas into an emotional and cohesive film.

You’ll gain a step-by-step workflow to organize footage, interviews, and ideas.
The course focuses on documentary storytelling and scriptwriting, teaching techniques to keep your audience engaged.
Learn to break down your film into sequences, properly format your script, and use the best scriptwriting software.

You’ll also explore dramatic conflict to evoke emotion, a crucial aspect of documentary storytelling and scriptwriting.

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This course is for anyone interested in creating impactful documentaries, from beginners to those in the final stages of their project.

Agency Scaling Simulator

The Agency Scaling Simulator helps you optimize and scale your business for more time, higher profits, and freedom.
You’ll create a KPI-based growth strategy with AI, leading to high profits and relaxed workdays.

You can generate precise KPIs, build effective sales funnels, and get recommendations to unlock your next growth step.
It also allows you to simulate different market scenarios to ensure your strategy is robust and adaptable.

The Agency Scaling Simulator transforms random goals into a clear, proven strategy, helping you increase revenue, boost profits, and reduce your workload.

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This course is for digital agency owners and service-based business owners who want to scale their business, increase profits, reduce workload, and achieve more freedom.

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