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Elevate with eCommerce

Gain the skills, tools, and resources needed to attract high-budget eCommerce clients and design stunning websites.
In just a few weeks, you’ll replace frustration with confidence and be ready to launch a profitable Shopify offer.

This program includes comprehensive video lessons, step-by-step tutorials, and three concept brand briefs to enhance your portfolio.

This program helps you expand your skills beyond basic Shopify themes without needing extensive coding knowledge.
Elevate with eCommerce empowers you to bring your creative ideas to life, attract the right clients, and build a scalable, profitable business.

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Elevate with eCommerce is for Showit and Squarespace designers seeking eCommerce clients, brand designers wanting to keep lucrative clients in-house, and existing Shopify designers aiming to streamline and scale their business.

Principles and Practice of Marketing 10th Edition

This comprehensive textbook explores how marketing influences our daily lives and business environments through both theory and practice.

You’ll explore topics such as AI in fashion retail, sustainable marketing practices, consumer engagement strategies by brands like Dr. Martens, and initiatives by companies such as McDonald’s and Netflix to stay competitive.

Principles and Practice of Marketing 10th Edition is designed to equip readers with a deep understanding of marketing’s role in shaping consumer behavior, business strategy, and societal impact.

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Principles and Practice of Marketing 10th Edition is ideal for students and professionals seeking a comprehensive understanding of contemporary marketing principles and their real-world applications.

The Fast Track System

Introducing The Fast Track System, designed by Danbee Shin, a seasoned web designer, to revolutionize your web design business.
This comprehensive program guides you through every stage—from acquiring clients to delivering exceptional websites—with confidence and clarity.

Master sales calls to command premium prices and streamline project planning for efficient execution.
Learn to exceed client expectations and position yourself as a trusted advisor with proven templates and strategies.

The Fast Track System equips you to achieve profitability and attract high-value clients consistently.
Elevate your web design business today with The Fast Track System and experience transformative growth.

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Designed for web designers looking to streamline client interactions, increase profitability, and refine project management skills to achieve consistent growth and success in their businesses.

Independent Creator Academy

Learn to master content creation solo.
This course unveils the strategies behind his rapid rise to 200k followers and multiple million-view videos.

The Academy isn’t just about going viral—it’s about crafting sustainable, high-quality content that resonates.
You’ll gain insights into attracting sponsorships, leveraging platforms like TikTok for income, and launching your own brand through compelling content.

Unlike free guides focused on short-term trends, our approach emphasizes lasting engagement and audience connection.

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This course is ideal for aspiring content creators looking to master solo viral content creation across various platforms.

One Person Marketing

Learn the business model that helped Rich earn over $20,000 per month as a solopreneur.
The One Person Marketing approach simplifies offering remote marketing services without complex proposals or lengthy contracts.

This model works for full-stack marketers, video marketers, email marketers, and more.
With the One Person Marketing Agency model, you’ll get paid consistently by clients who value your expertise, shifting from selling to serving, which reduces client churn.

You’ll discover strategies for helping clients get five-star reviews, avoid costly mistakes, and learn simple pricing strategies.
This book guides you in managing your time, creating a flexible lifestyle, and achieving financial success as a One Person Marketing agency.

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This course is for solopreneurs, digital marketers, full-stack marketers, video marketers, email marketers, paid social marketers, content creators, graphic designers, and virtual assistants who want to offer remote marketing services and achieve consistent, high-value client relationships without complex contracts.

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