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Google Ads Experiments

This course by Susan Wenograd, a Marketing Consultant, unlocks the power of Google Ads experiments, a feature often overlooked but crucial for PPC success.

Discover how to conduct search experiments for responsive ads, leveraging Google’s auto-testing to maintain a competitive edge.
Through case studies and recommended tests, learn to tailor experiments to all your accounts, including Performance Max campaigns.

Master the art of Google Ads experiments, refining your strategies, and maximizing campaign results. Gain insights into bidding types, audience segmentation, and Performance Max effectiveness.
From navigating the experiments interface to testing ad variations and custom experiments, you’ll be empowered to optimize campaigns effectively.

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This course is ideal for PPC marketers seeking to elevate their skills through Google Ads experimentation for better campaign optimization.

Infopreneur Operating Manual

The Infopreneur Operating Manual is your comprehensive guide to creating six-figure revenue streams from simple information products in 12-24 months.
It teaches you to generate $1000 daily through info products, a social media audience, and simple emails.

You will:
Grow your social media accounts, like Twitter and Instagram, to hundreds of thousands of followers.
Build and monetize email lists in various niches.
Create and sell ebooks and digital products without being an expert writer.
Develop profitable blogs and Fiverr businesses anonymously.

Get actionable steps to create multiple income streams and achieve financial success.

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Ideal for those looking to leverage social media, email marketing, and simple digital products to generate significant revenue.

The Art of DMs

Uncover the power of The Art of DMs to elevate your online business.
If you’ve struggled with networking, booking calls, and securing clients, this guide is your game-changer.

Focused on direct messaging, The Art of DMs provides practical advice and proven techniques to boost your online presence.
From mastering outreach to crafting compelling conversations, this guide equips you with the tools for success.

With resources like daily checklists and tracking sheets, staying on track has never been easier.

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This course is ideal for online entrepreneurs seeking to enhance networking, booking calls, client acquisition, and overall business success.

Amazon Guy Success Academy

The Amazon Guy Success Academy is your ticket to building a thriving Amazon business, promising to unlock the secrets of achieving a 7-figure empire on the platform.

With modules covering everything from sourcing profitable products to mastering PPC advertising, the Amazon Guy Success Academy equips you with the tools and strategies needed to thrive in the competitive world of e-commerce.
Steven Pope’s expertise ensures that you learn only what truly works on Amazon, avoiding the pitfalls of outdated advice.

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This course is for aspiring and experienced Amazon sellers seeking to build a 7-figure business using proven strategies.

Take It To The Bank

With Take It To The Bank, you can stop wondering how others achieve record-breaking promotions and start creating your own.
This 6-part course helps you craft irresistible promotions, grow your Instagram followers, and have a record-breaking sales week.

Learn promotion strategies from Julie Chenell, co-founder of Funnel Gorgeous, to build a strong foundation for your offer.
With Ash Chow’s guidance, nail your positioning and messaging to make your promotion a no-brainer.
Chessica and Nickie, The Funnel Sisters, teach you how to write compelling sales page copy that converts.
Prerna Malik shows you how to quickly write essential emails, adaptable for Instagram captions if needed.
Learn to prepare and optimize your Instagram profile and content for your promotion.
Sales experts Aandra Bohlen and Becky Keen teach stress-free, effective selling techniques.

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Designed for business owners, especially coaches, service providers, and product creators, who want to create irresistible promotions, grow their Instagram followers, and achieve record-breaking sales.

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