It’s foolish to waste all your time. Yet it is also foolish to avoid wasting any time at all.

How to Win a MegaClient

This training goes through the full process we went through to secure Symantec as a client.
Symantec is a $4 billion a year company. Their most well-known brand is Norton Antivirus, but they make most of their money from huge B2B contracts with other massive corporations.
The full eBook which covers in detail every step of the process, and all the tactics you can use to win new clients for yourself.
A video training explaining all the elements of the whole successful pitch process, plus some insight into the psychology and sales hooks used.
The exact email we used to get the initial response, plus a templated version for you to adapt and use to get new clients on the hook.

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Internet’s Best Copywriting Course

Get my proven, step-by-step system for building a freelance copywriting business from scratch and growing it to $100k in the next 12 months.

Learn how to write truly exceptional copy that drives real sales, excites clients, and puts money in your pocket.
Learn how to land new clients on demand while building a stream of high quality leads that come directly to you.
Learn how to run your freelance writing business like a true pro and become a sought-after authority in your niche.

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