[BLOG] – Important Announcement


We have an important announcement to make today.

For past couple of months we have been really struggling to make enough money to keep this website well and active. We are running at a loss as the expenses are higher than the revenue it makes. Besides that it takes us a lot of time everyday to upload new products as well as maintain all the download links.

Sadly we have only got two option now, either to close this website or change it into a subscription model.

We decided to go with the later.
You can now subscribe for $1.99/Month to our members area. We will increase the subscription to $4.95 in coming weeks.

Keep in mind most of the 2400+ products that we are sharing here will stay free to download for the time being but we will put them under subscription as time goes by.

Most of the new content will stay under new subscription modal too. How much the frequency between Free/Paid content is going to be we haven’t decided yet.

P.S. We are also merging Blackbook Members Area with WSO Downloads. We believe this will provide better value to all our members and we will be able to deliver more consistent updates because of that.

P.S.S. Subscriptions have limited slots only. We may close new subscriptions in near future. So make sure you subscribe now.

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