Launch Ads That Sell

We created Launch Ads that Sell to give you a massive arsenal of tools to build a highly-successful ad campaign, without relying on virality.
This course is packed with the latest strategy and easy, step-by-step instructions to build your best campaign yet.

Launch Ads that Sell will teach you:

Exactly what to A/B test for maximum impact, so you can make small changes that bring in larger dollar amounts.
How to create a landing page that converts, and the exact tests to run for even better conversion over time.
The “funnel mentality” to give your campaigns better Reach, ROAS, and ROI…and ensure you never have to rely on “virality.”
​How to set up your account to take advantage of Facebook’s algorithms, instead of constantly fighting against them.
​The right emails to send at the right time, to support your ad campaigns and achieve even more sales and repeat buyers.

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