M!ndVaIIey – Mystic Bra!n

Embark on a 22-day transformative journey with the Mystic Brain program, a groundbreaking online experience led by award-winning neuroscience researcher Dawson Church.
Designed for those craving more joy, peace, clarity, and flow in their daily lives, this program unveils the secrets of mastering seven key brain neurochemicals.

Mystic Brain integrates cutting-edge neuroscience with accessible, science-based practices, offering a simple yet powerful solution to infuse every moment with monk-like bliss.
Through daily 20-minute video lessons, discover neurochemical meditations tailored to each chemical, from dopamine for motivation to oxytocin for love.

With an easy post-program game plan, trauma healing strategies, and advanced practices, Mystic Brain empowers you to permanently shift into lasting states of bliss, peace, and flow.

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