Take It To The Bank

With Take It To The Bank, you can stop wondering how others achieve record-breaking promotions and start creating your own.
This 6-part course helps you craft irresistible promotions, grow your Instagram followers, and have a record-breaking sales week.

Learn promotion strategies from Julie Chenell, co-founder of Funnel Gorgeous, to build a strong foundation for your offer.
With Ash Chow’s guidance, nail your positioning and messaging to make your promotion a no-brainer.
Chessica and Nickie, The Funnel Sisters, teach you how to write compelling sales page copy that converts.
Prerna Malik shows you how to quickly write essential emails, adaptable for Instagram captions if needed.
Learn to prepare and optimize your Instagram profile and content for your promotion.
Sales experts Aandra Bohlen and Becky Keen teach stress-free, effective selling techniques.

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Designed for business owners, especially coaches, service providers, and product creators, who want to create irresistible promotions, grow their Instagram followers, and achieve record-breaking sales.

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