The Inbox Detonator Bunker

Every couple of months, a small handful of students pays up to $3,000 each for 8 weeks of email questions . and just 4 video-based copy reviews.
Until now, only students who paid the full coaching price had access to this vault. Yet today, it’s open to you too.

You will learn:

A ‘cart abandonment’ sequence for a weight-loss supplement that followed all the ‘best practices’ being taught by copywriting’s biggest names . but didn’t work. I used a radical ‘anti-copywriter’ approach to rewrite them from the ground up.
A landing page for a tool for insurance agents that started out rambling . yet over the course of 4 reviews, I honed it into a page so tight, it broke my student into a market he wouldn’t have ever dreamed of reaching.
An affiliate email for a keto offer that had no punch. I used a controversial trick I called “Donald Trump’s Secret Diet” to breathe new life into it.
The ‘Storytelling Critiques’ – An 8-video series of critiques showing how to sharpen your email storytelling chops.
and much more

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