The Passive Project

The Passive Project helps course creators automate their sales and build a consistent income stream.
You’ll transform your one-off launches into ongoing sales, making money even while you sleep.

The Passive Project starts with the Evergreen Experience, where you build a 21-day sales funnel that runs automatically.
This funnel will sell your course around the clock, ensuring a steady income. Next, the Forever Funnel teaches you to create long-term email campaigns that keep generating sales for months.

You’ll learn to run live launches that create excitement and additional revenue spikes.
The Audience Accelerator helps you grow your audience using both organic and paid marketing strategies. With these tools, The Passive Project ensures you have a comprehensive approach to consistent sales and audience growth.

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Ideal for those who have run successful course launches and are ready to move beyond live launches to a more sustainable, strategic approach to selling their courses.

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