Product eClass 5.0

This comprehensive program reveals strategies that turned a $4 product into a 9-figure business.
From the first session, you’ll learn to identify market opportunities and create products that sell.

Product eClass 5.0 is your gateway to becoming a successful information product creator.
You’ll learn to find specific problems and create solutions quickly.
Focus on niche markets to maximize profits and understand why even average information products can generate substantial revenue.

Master techniques to find and target high-value audiences.
Learn the six-step process for creating and marketing products using others’ expertise.
Discover the three critical business growth areas and rapid scaling strategies.

Bonus materials enhances your experience too.

This content is for members only.

This course is for aspiring and current information product creators, digital marketers, and entrepreneurs looking to capitalize on the eLearning industry by creating and selling profitable products.

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