Universe Denting Products (Recommended 1)

If you have to read only one thing this month, choose this one.

The products I’ve put together here are aimed squarely at helping you put your dent in the universe.

They’re doing documents, not just things for you to read when you’re bored on a rainy Sunday or when you want to feel better by convincing yourself that by reading these you’re serious about change.

The Code of Extraordinary Change cracks life wide open, taking you to a place where you’re ready, willing and moved to do what really matters to you, and to do it on your own terms.
Get the Code of Extraordinary Change and go dent the universe.

1. Learn to use what you’re really made of to feel confident, no matter what happens
2. See how you talk yourself out of doing the things you really want to do
3. Get insights into how that voice of fear in your head controls you
4. Understand what your strengths are and how applying them makes all the difference
5. See what drains you and picks away at your confidence
6. Stop playing roles for the benefit of other people
7. Learn the real secret to how your confidence works and how to keep it high

If you’re making any of these 7 mistakes you’ll ensure that you keep on doing what your fears tell you, keep on doubting yourself and keep on second-guessing your decisions. Bottom line – you won’t be in the driver’s seat of your own life, and the worst part is that you might not even know you’re making these mistakes.
Learn how to fix them up right here.

1. Discover the big, unspoken problems with goal-setting and how they can really screw you up
2. Learn a simpler, more natural way of getting stuff done, having more fun and getting better results
3. Learn how not to have obstacles derail you
4. Get into the game right now rather than endless planning that never gets you anywhere
5. Discover how you can always do what you really matters, and do it on your own terms

For years I’ve been saying that goals don’t work, and I’m sticking to my guns. Goals bring with them a whole heap of trouble, and like birthing a herd of invisible cattle you can spend a heck of a lot of time and energy only to end up losing sight of whatever it was you were trying to give birth to.

There’s a much better way. A way that works. I call it the Gameplan.

1. Create specific actions that will get you to the heart of the stuff that matters to you
2. Have a single, simple method of taking meaningful action so you can’t forget about it or talk yourself out of it
3. Make it super-easy to check in on your progress and figure out what’s next
4. Get a flexible way to execute, track and celebrate your universe-denting antics

If you’re full of ideas but low on execution, the Gameplan Journal gives you a toolkit of stuff that makes it easy to turn your ideas into actions, and for those actions to actually amount to a hill o’ beans.

This Journal shows you how to build up a head steam and take meaningful action, and works like a charm alongside the Gameplan.

1. Discover an amazing way to change how you experience hurtful put-downs
2. Learn about the real impact on your self-esteem and self-confidence
3. Spot the patterns that lead to a put-down and how you can interrupt them
4. Find out what you can do if you’ve tried to change things but it’s just not working
5. Learn what to do if you’re scared of rocking the boat
6. Discover how to let go of the things that will make the biggest difference to you

It sucks when someone who should be showing you respect puts you down or makes you feel small. It’s immensely damaging. But you don’t have to put up with it and there are things you can do to change it.
You deserve better.

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